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posticon Rules

Here are the rules of the forum, new members please take the time to read them.

No Spamming (except in the Midgar Slums)

This is when you post more than you need to, or post things which don't need to be posted and/or are irrelevant to the forum itself. Don't spam too much in the Midgar Slums, unless you do a considerable amount of good posts in other forums. I want the forum post total to get higher, but not just by member's spamming to keep it alive.

Also, don't post lik dis, it gets way 2 annoyin. I don lik txt speek or wen ppl CANT FIND THE CAPS LOCK KEY. So speak in proper English! on the forum please! Typing Like This With A Capital Letter For Each Word Gets Really Annoying Too!

No double posting

If you post after a reply you just made before (as in, you were the last person to post)then edit the last post and put your new message there, don't post again. Unless someone posts after you. although that rule isn't really important, just don't keep doing it). And don't post the same(or a similar) topic thats already on the first page of the forum.

Note: You can Bump topics if you want members to notice a new post, this may look like a double post. Just try not to do it too often.

No Spoilers

Don't post ANY spoilers about ANY games. A spoiler is basically spoiling the game for people who haven't yet completed it. So don't post any major parts in the game unless you warn people first (so in the title put down something like "Spoilers" ). In individual posts, if you have to give out a spoiler then change the font colour of the text to white before posting (so you have to highlight it to see).

No bumping old topics

Do not post in topics that have passed its sell by date. UNLESS you have something decent to say. IE atleast a paragraph long.

No attacking other members

Don't be rude/swear/attack the other members of the forum.

No pornographic links, discussion, or images

This is prohibited on Runboard and I do not allow anything of the kind to be posted on this forum.

No links to ROM websites

No inappropriate PM sending to any members

If someone does this to you or you know of someone who is, just make sure they are blocked(you can do this in your profile) and to tell me, or one of the staff about it.

No breaching of Copyright

Do not steal any images I have made on the board. Such as the banner. I made it and I don't appriciate users stealing other peoples work and then passing them off as their own. Including fanwork. You don't have permission to take ANYTHING on this board.

Do not advertise

You are NOT allowed to advertise your site/forum in any other forum other than the advertising one provided. And to do that you must have posted atleast 25 times. You are however allowed to provide a link in your sig, which is recommended.

No large images

Try not to post any huge annoying images in posts. If you want to show us an image and it happens to be quite big, then just link to it instead of posting it as an image. And no one likes huge signature images either. So keep them small if you do use one.

Maxium signature image is: 170 Height and 500 Width (Pixels)

Anything exceeding that size a little will be fine, but not too much. If an admin/mod asks for you to resize/remove it, do so.

Please follow the rules. Failure to do so will cause management to take further action against your account.

Last edited by Pastor Rick, 13/Jan/13, 1:59 pm

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