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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that members would frequently ask, with the answers to them.

How do I register?

Simple, when you first enter the forum, you will see the "Register" text to the right. Click onto this link. Or the image link under the banner. Either way you'll end up at the same page.

Note: You cannot register for local accounts anymore.

How do I log in?

Just click the link next to "Register" that says "Login" (or the image link under the banner) and enter your username and password exactly. It's case sensitive. (You should have recieved your login details in the email you signed up with.)

What's an avatar?

Avatars are those pictures which appear under your username and stats when you post a message.

How do I get an avatar?

There are loads of places where you can find an image as your avatar, you could first try visiting websites which have them. Check out this thread to find an avatar for yourself. Or you can try using an animated avatar from the collection I have.

Then once you've found your picture, right click on it and select "Properties", then copy the url address. But only if they don't mind of course. It would be best to upload the pic you got onto your own web host. is a good one to use. Also make sure the avatar is of a reasonable size that won't slow down loading times for those using dial up or any other connection for that matter. Try finding 100x100 avatars.

How do I put the avatar up?

Once you've got the url address of the picture, go into your Control Panel and then go to "Change miscellaneous settings", then where it says "Avatar 60x60 pixels image URL(optional):" you just paste the url address in the box to the right.

How do I make a sig?

Go the same place you went to to add an avatar. Just below where you have placed your avatar url address you'll notice a bigger box for your signature. Use BBCode like on the forum rather than HTML, HTML won't work.

How do I start a topic?

Simple, just go into a forum you want to make your post in and click on "Post new topic".

How do I make a poll?

Simple again, just click the "Post new topic" again and where it says "Attach a poll to this topic? Show poll options" Click on "Show poll options", and work from there.

What's Karma?

Don't worry about this, its nothing at all really. If you believe someone deserves a praise/applause for a post (or just if you like them in general) you click the "Praise" button under their post. Or, if you think they should be smited for a post they have made, you can smite em. The total of praises and smites they get will appear to the left (under their username and stats). Note: You can only give karma once every 24 hours to each member

What's a moderator/could I become one?

This thread should tell you all you need to know about moderators and what they do:

If you have anymore queries contact me.

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