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posticon Luca Chapter 5

For some reason I haven't been able to find an answer to this simple question, so hopefully people here can help me :D I'm trying to get Episode Complete! in Luca, but the mission that triggers for following a flying Moogle won't pop up. I've searched Google and all it says is "find the place where Tidus tried to teach Yuna how to whistle."

All I remember from that was that they were in Luca, near a bench with flags somewhere in the background... I went all over Luca and no mission ever triggered. Do you have to win the Blitzball game in order for it to happen? PLEASE HELP!
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Black Waltz

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Re: Luca Chapter 5

u hav to go to the place just beside the entrance to the Mi'hen Highroads, and look round the bit where the wierd laughing scen from ff10 was. :up:

No I am not really a Chocobo Knight. Why? Because they don't exist...

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