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Re: Man goes to prison for stealing a donut




Btw, what's typical of Australian food? =P



I wouldn't have thought so. Lamb is normally associated with kiwi land(New Zealand) cuisine.

Then again the kiwis and the aussis are always down eachother's throats about who came up with this and who invented that. lol


Eh not really. We've had plenty of cases where someone gets arrested for murder and we later find out he has a rap sheet the size of college textbook. Overall I think its alright here but there is always room for improvement.

I was talking about the 15 year jail sentencing. I agree with Ameriacs approach to being hard with murders and feel that Britain should adopted the same trend.

But America can sometimes go a little over the top on fighting crime with severe punishments for no good reason. If i remeber rightly there was a British couple that was jailed in America for 20 years for giving false advertisements while in there native land they would have served alot less if they commited murder.

Being jailed for 15 or even 30 years is beyond reason for the crime he committed. It would really depend on the assualt if there even was one. If it was a severe unprovoked attack then i could maybe understand a maximum sentence of 10 years but beyond that is just ridiculous.

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