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Re: Ugh


General Queeaqueg wrote:
Yes, Lebanon government is not in real command of the country. The strange thing is that the Lebanon Government is a Christian government and the majority of the country is Christians though there is a large Islamic base there.

Lmao, this says lots about your information on Lebanon, Lebanon is majority muslim with 70% to christianities 30%, but the way their elections work forces it to be 50% christian seats and 50% muslim seats, pretty fair eh? I'd say thats probably fairer than a lot of us governments in the west have it. Lebanon has a !@#$ army, they just didn't want to get involved as it would be provoking the other side to attack them whoever they sided, the whole point of this conflict which is the real !@#$ is that Lebanon as a country DID NOTHING WRONG, yet they suffer for Israeli's bombing of "Hezbollah". I'd say 1,000 deaths is either very bad aim or very good aim, both worrying.


The Militia pretty much runs the country. That was why it was pointless for America to have talks with the Lebanon government.

No it doesn't certain groups like Hezbollah have civilian wings which also take part in elections, but out of the 128 odd seats, Hezbollah and the other parties in its co-alition don't even make opposition, they have roughly 25 seats in their alliance bloc, hardly in control. Its not Lebanon the US should have been talking to anyway, it should have been Israel, to stop this madness.


Because you are going against Israel. In this world, you say one bad thing about Israel or don't take their side... you're anti-Semitic, heh. Plus, it also looks like you're supporting terrorism.

If anti-semetisim is being against the deaths of 1,000 lebanese men women and children, muslims christians and athiests, then I'm gladly anti-semetic. It doesn't mean that, it means anti-jewish, and I'm not anti-jewish. Israel is a country, not a religion, and its government is fucked up beyond belief, so I hate their government.


Anyway, why should Israel leave? Didn't Lebanon and a host of other Arab countries invade Israel long ago? Then didn't this country attack the North of Israel with several attacks? I think Israel need to cautious, don't they? Britain, France and others would and do act in the same way when they broader a nation which threatens them.

This was wars trying to get the land back to the Palestinians. By Palestinians, I'm refering to the people who were there back in the 40's before they were thrown out of their houses for Zionists (I use the word not as an attempt to label all jews, but just what Zionism means, the movement to the "holy land of jews"). Palestine was home to many muslims, chistians and Jewish people, and the british were trying their best to let as many Jews come in after the events of WW2 but without causing mass migration, but then Zionism came, and Jews flooded the area illegally, and then went to arms and started fighting, the british being cowards left, and then the US accepts Jewish independence of a "borderless state". The wars that happened since then and in the 50's and 60's were attempts to gain back land that Israel were capturing either by their Israeli "Defence" Force, or by telling Zionists to start settlements inside other countries so that they could claim that land and annex it because there were Jews there! And this tactic actually worked! With aid coming in from the US, the arab countries could do little more than sit and watch their land annexed often without a fight. How fucked up is that?

Also, you do know that Israel still holds the Golan Heights, which is Syrian land right? You realise that there are Israeli settlements there in syrian land right? You realise that they haven't STOPPED colonising syrian land right? If such a big area ever gets annexed into Israel, I'd say that would be a major cause for consern.

Come back when you research this matter more properly, or I'll beat your points easy.

Freedom to Lebanon, Liberation from Israel, Stop the occupation and killing of civilians.
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Re: Ugh

 Let take things slow.

Now the Lebanon government is a mainly Christian government, though the country is majority Islamic. Much of the western side like Beirut have large Christian communities. You know, Christians and Muslims can get on.

Let’s move on shall we. In 1948, Lebanon teamed up with other Arab Nations(Syria was one) and attacked Israel. The attack failed. Israel were stronger and forced Lebanon into an armistice. The Six Day War came and the same courtiers teamed up against Israel again but were defeated and Israel occupied the Golan Heights plus the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Palestinian fled into Lebanon and attacked Israel from South Lebanon broader and Israel took action and led a force to take the south. Long story short, UN kicked them out and Pro-South Lebanon army took Israel’s place. If you think that is wrong then Britain occupying Germany must have been wrong as well.

Israel didn’t like the idea of Lebanon having a pro-Syria government either. We know what Lebanon want, they want the Shebaa Farms and Syria want the Golan Heights but Israel won’t let them go because… well, that be disputed. The land has no real value, I guess Israel keep it to show that they are the true power and they wishg not to be attacked.

I never said that Hezbollah were a party in the government but they do have control over the country and the third largest army in the area.

Also, if you look at it from Israel’s point of view, the land of Israel was given to them by God (:nono2: ). Even so, no one knows who the land really belongs to.
The whole situation is messed. Lebanon, Hezbollah, Palestinian and Israel are all as bad as each other. My view is that Israel are out for a land grab but there is no proof apart from them building a Berlin type wall around stuff.

Last point, you'll never beat me and the use of swear words and Patronizing insults will not work either emoticon
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