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Ultima Weapon

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Re: Good job, you just ruined the 2012 Olympics


To each their own basically.

   Thats what I've been saying.


Personaly I'd rather keep Baseball just to see the Japanese beat the americans, but meh. Theres still the chinese olympics before in 2008 so its not like there wont be any till 2016.

    Yeah thats quite sad actually but may the best team win.
I know they are keeping it for Beijing but it seems illogical to me for them to remove something for one games, and then bring them back for the next. I just think there is some political crap going on here.

Icewind Dale II talk

Ulbrec: ...Ennelia and Braston will meet you there, Targos's fate hinges on your success.

My response: I think Targos's fate hinges on how much Shawford can pay us from the Targos treasury.

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Silver Dragon

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Re: …


Furiae wrote:

Yeah blame the french, lol! They suck!

isnt runboard situated in frace?

i didnt even know we had those games in the olimpics emoticon
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